PayPal Is Having IPN Issues

There have been numerous reports of purchases not being delivered.

This is caused by a failure of the IPN system on PayPal’s side as outlined in this post by PayPal.

As of Jan 28, 12:00 PM PST (Jan 28, 8:00 PM GMT) the IPN system is still broken.

If PayPal does not send the IPN’s we can’t send your downloads automatically.

Once this issue is resolved Paypal will attempt to deliver IPN messages to all merchants for received payments.

 This will cause purchases to not appear in your Webmaster-Deals administration area and no downloads or activation codes will be delivered by our system automatically.

This is not a problem with your account- this is a failure of the PayPal payment notification system and there is nothing Webmaster-Deals or the seller can do except to wait for them to fix it.

In the meantime our staff will deliver the downloads manually.